Judith Braun used her bare hands to finger-paint this spectacular landscape painting! She used her signature style of finger-painting (which basically involves covering her fingers in grounded charcoal) for the latest addition to her Fingerings series. The New York-based artist has produced yet another remarkable wall mural displayed at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virgina through the summer until July 1, 2012.. The piece, titled Diamond Dust, is 12 feet by 48 feet, making it Braun’s largest site-specific project to date.

Remarkable!! Makes me want to try my fingers at it.

Natural art work! Why destroy when you can create and have fun in the snow. The ‘Snow Drawings’ project took over a field near Steamboat Springs, Colorado by artist Sonja Hinrichsen and 10 volunteers in snowshoes.

Steamboat Today adds the work is designed to be impermanent, reflecting “beauty at the whim of Mother Nature.” Using Mother Nature, our environment, as the landscape for temporary art work is taking sustainable art to the next level. Though the snow will eventually melt, Cedar Beauregard of Steamboat Aerials was on hand to record the work. You can see the video here.

I don’t know about you, but this is truly inspirational. How else can creative minds use nature’s beauty to create impermanent works of art?